NTA Logo Design Workshop — Event// 5

3pm – 6pm

Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation
4343 W Touhy Ave, Lincolnwood, Illinois 60712

Eventbrite - NTA:: Logo Design Workshop hosted by Rabel BetShmuel and CM

On May 21st, Creative Mesos will be hosting a logo design workshop, instructed by graphic designer and artist, Rabel BetShmuel. If you’ve been wondering what you could do with your love for art, or maybe you’ve already discovered the design industry and are looking to exercise your skills, reserve a spot via the Eventbrite link ablove and take part in this workshop where you can design a logo for the Nineveh Transportation Authority (NTA).

This workshop will teach you: the possibilities of being a designer, the potential there is for growth in the industry, how to come up with multiple ideas, sketch them on paper, and produce them digitally.

During this workshop, students will produce a fictitious logo for the Nineveh Transportation Authority (NTA) that could exist for Assyria’s metropolitan transportation system in Nineveh. Students will be taught how to research, brainstorm, conceptualise, iterate, and produce a logo from start to finish. They will be taught how to work with a team, give and receive constructive criticism, and take direction from mentors.

“If you can design one thing you can design anything.”
—Massimo Vignelli

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