Jump Start Donate to Creative Mesos

Creative Mesos has some ambitious goals for itself and the Assyrian creative community, but in order to achieve our goals of: starting a design studio that provides design and branding services to clients, promoting artists through social media marketing and event hosting, and planning social and educational workshops where young students and professionals can thrive in our community, we need your help. Our plan is to provide quality and essential products to our community at little to no coast to our average customers. The way we plan on doing this is by earning funds from event sponsors, clients we design for, and merchandise that we sell. However, in oder to be successful in these things, we must provide a product of value, which means we need our audience pool to grow.

Your funds would immedeatly be applied to: social media and print marketing which would increase our audience pool, printing t-shirts for resale in order to generate regular revenue flow, and necessary administrative expenses such as website maintenance. Once we build a more valuable product by developing the items listed above, then we can generate consistent cash flow from business partners and refrain from depending on our general audience for revenue.

If you’ve read this far, we hope that it’s because you believe in what Creative Mesos plans to achieve in the near future. To help us jump start our business venture, click the button below to contribute any amount of your choosing.

Thank you for your patronage.