Leviathan Studio Visit — Event// 03.2

Join us as we visit one of the video production industries most innovative conceptual design studios. Leviathan produces work that we all imagined we would when we where sitting in tenth grade art class planning what our careers would look like as we scarfed down a bag of hot cheetoes. Their work is engaging and tells a story every time while representing some of the biggest television networks such as Fox Sports, Sundance, and Starz as well as big brands like BMW, Northface, and Ubisoft.

This is a great opportunity to have a chance to meet the creative minds of Leviathan and find out what paths you can take with the skills you have.
Eventbrite - Leviathan Studio Visit — Motion

327 N. Aberdeen Suite 201 Chicago, IL 60607

Friday, March 11th
5PM — 6PM


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