Cuneiform Graffiti Music Video

A new bar has been set. Today, progressive film maker Dennis Joseph premiered the music video to the famously resonating spoken-word/song by KSRA and Diana Odicho aka ‪#‎InkTipped‬. The video’s production value, concept, message, and continuity are unparalleled within the Assyrian community. Its message is that of empowering yourselves as Assyrians in your own right. Use your gifts to be a voice for your identity as an Assyrian. That is the message we take from this riveting story. A resounding wave of congratulations to the makers of this visual and musical example of creation.


February 23rd 2015. A group of Assyrians said enough is enough when news of the kidnapping of 300 brothers and sisters of Assyria reached their living rooms, kitchens, offices, tablets, and cellphones. Desensitized by endless victimization, with steely faces they took the fight to the enemy; each with his and her own weapon: a pen, a camera, a voice. Our enemies brought the winged guardians of our history to ruins, but little do they know we have been re-building them out of steel. They are trying to erase our language but we’re tattooing it on our skin. They are purging us from our lands, but we are settling our footholds across the world. I am Dennis Joseph, this is the story of how we will act.

—Dennis Joseph  Producer & Director

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