The Great Kasrani (The River Magician)

For Creative Mesos’s debut post we bring to our audience a renaissance Meso. The Great Kasrani is a formerly London based Assyrian slight of hand magician. His skill is jaw dropping; don’t let this guy show you any tricks otherwise you’ll find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out where the coin went or if he is actually from another planet. In this promo video which we found on his website,, we where captivated in the allegory that this prince of Mesopotamia shared about some of the cherished values that we hold so dear such as love, communion and companionship.

Aside from his street performances as a magician, Kasrani has appeared in Universal Picture Movie “Magicians”(2007), starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. He has entertained royalty, oligarchs, celebrities, corporations and private clients around the world. He is also an experimental musician, poet, and progressive, overture Assyrian. As someone who holds his nationality in high regard he has preserved and progressed the Assyrian culture through his art by reciting Assyrian poems, writing song lyrics and experimenting with the Assyrian artists perspective. Today he has returned to the home land and lives as a farmer amongst his people. We are so proud of this Meso and have found ourselves referring to him by a new name that we feel is appropriate for his new lifestyle — The River Magician.


Follow The Great Kasrani on his website, and facebook.

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