Mesopotamian Night Rebrand By Rabel BetShmuel

Mesopotamian Night Rebrand
Rabel BetShmuel

The above is a pattern developed for the Mesopotamian Night Chicago brand by Chicago-based fine artist and graphic designer Rabel BetShmuel, the nephew of the great Assyrian musician, Shlimon BetShmuel. Rabel’s progressive and thoughtful work, both as an artist and as a designer, lives up to his great name.  When approached to work on the branding for Chicago’s first Mesopotamian Night in 2014, Rabel teamed up with marketing director Atourina Zomaya, and together came up with the theme of a new night. By combining a blue gradient, his original pattern, and a retouched image of an ancient lyre of Ur, the design creates a refreshing and elevated feel to represent the concert.

If we take a look at the pattern more closely we will notice some very thoughtful details. Rabel’s pattern was inspired by the repetition of music as well as ancient works. As he told us during an interview after the event, the dark blue to light blue gradient was implemented to resemble the color of a sky where the sun is setting, referencing to the theme of a new night. The mastery of pattern making is one that ancient Assyrians are known for. When today’s artists and designers continue the craft of pattern making our culture stays relevant and applicable.

Check out more of Rabel’s pattern work on his instagram.


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